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- Visual of our Product & Services.
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- Automate & Grow Your Business, Workflow Automation: Our Expertise... Understanding Business Needs: Understanding and translating Business Needs into technology is one of the most important steps to undertake. As there is no "cookie-cutter" solution for every business problem, at times, multiple technology solutions have to be merged to provide the desired result. It is also important to diversify your solutions as to not put all your eggs in one basket.
- We know many professionals keep a notepad in the car to track mileage. So, we have developed a Mileage Tracker (v01.20) Windows Mobile (SmartPhone) freeware application for your personal use. DOWNLOAD HERE
- Download our FREE Budget Tracker (v01.00) spreadsheet. This will help you organize your expenses and provide you up to date annual summary and charts. It includes 12 monthly budget tracking sheets, 1 annual summary, 2 graphs. Additional customization available, contact us for a free quote! DOWNLOAD HERE
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- 12/29/07 - Whittier Daily News press release "Paperless Pusher".
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- 11/13/07 - White paper on how you can grow your business by implementing workflow automation.
- 11/13/07 - White paper on MergeWare software line solutions.
- 08/06/07 - Tri-Fold Brochure of MergeWare TIFA (Truck Insurance Form Automation).
- 07/30/07 - Postcard Mailer of MergeWare Invoice Automation for Blind/Shade Manufacturers.
- 04/06/07 - Network Firewall / VPN flyer.
- 03/31/07 - 2 minute Trucker Insurance Form Automation Online PowerPoint Presentation. Don't have MS PowerPoint? Click HERE to download the PowerPoint Viewer.
- 03/03/07 - Trucker insurance form automation flyer (Color).
- 03/03/07 - Trucker insurance form automation flyer (Black & White).
- 02/22/07 - Page1...Page2...Page3 J&J Technology Consulting 3 page marketing document.
- 01/27/07 - J&J Technology Consulting 1 page Bio flyer.


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