A New Type Of Consulting...

We apply technology solutions that will adapt to your business,
NOT the other way around.
We honor the passion and uniqueness that has made you a success!
And we seek to enhance the way you utilize technologies to continue your growth...

Electronic Signatures!

MergeWare TIFA & eForms

We are happy to introduce the capability to collect electronic signatures via the TOPAZ SigLite signature pad series. If you are ordering a new MergeWare TIFA package or other specialized eForms, ask for electronic signature pad compatibility!

When configured for your MergeWare TIFA, now you can shop your insurance applications and prepare for binding by collecting the client's signature. GO GREEN: A plus for paper, ink, and filing cost reduction!!!

Agent Web Social Media Agent Web
Finally... A "Website Service" that understands Real Estate Agents. Allows for personal Branding, Closing Tools and options for additional Revenue Streams. Take the hassle out of Social Media account creations and tracking.
We JUMP START you by setting up multiple Social Media accounts & profiles!
Have a current website? We give it a FACELIFT! Then apply our Tools & Modules to get the most of your investment. Make your website make revenue for you!

Our Power Partners

Tools for Added Value

Power Partners Here at J&J Technology Consulting, Inc. we are constantly searching for solutions that can be used as "stand-alone" or "merged-in" to meet client goals. We are mindful of our client's budget and goals to be achieved, therefore we are always looking for ways to meet their needs at the best price point without compromising quality. As always, we investigate the client's situation and goals before recommending any one product or solution, therefore, final recommendations will vary.

That said, we have selected the following Power Partner Products/Companies to address and/or compliment our existing product portfolio. Read more..

Newsletter Vol.06 No.01, 2012

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